IVFLINK infertility chat and fertility blogs
IVFLINK infertility chat and fertility blogs
IVFLINK infertility chat and fertility blogs

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Ivflink.com is a virtual community featuring member-contributed forums and blogs dedicated to exploring infertility treatments and solutions such as in vitro fertilization, premature ovarian aging, new DHEA treatments, and unexplained infertility.


Here you can make friends, find information, and read about the experiences of other infertility patients. There's also a section on fertility preservation — an innovative collection of treatments and strategies to support patients who are dealing with potentially fertility-damaging conditions such as cancer, ovarian failure, and lupus.


LINK Blogs & News

blogs section includes personal journals and latest fertility updates

Fertility Preservation: First "Cancerversary"

A tale of survival and hope.


Notes from the "IVF Doctor"

Commentaries provided to illuminate the concepts, methods, and treatments related to in vitro fertilization.


Acupuncture and IVF?

Lately there have been assertions that acupuncture improves the success rate of IVF, but is it too soon for conclusive evidence?



Unexplained Infertility: fact or fiction?

Is unexplained infertility a helpful diagnosis? Or doctor-speak for “We don't know”?

IVFLINK infertility chat and fertility blogs fertility experts
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